About Us

Yes, there is a Danielle! She is founder of Danielle’s Sauces and a truly amazing and creative cullinary  “queen”. Danielle’s interest in cooking started, when as a young teenager, she was given a copy of the  “Joy of Cooking” cookbook. She began observing and listening to anyone she encountered who was an accomplished cook. She collected recipes and would work to improve upon them.  While living in Hilo, Hawai’i during her late teenage years, she had the good fortune of living next door to an elderly Japanese woman who regularly prepared traditional Asian and Hawai’ian dishes for Danielle to enjoy. All the while, Danielle was absorbing culinary knowledge and skills and was developing her own cooking style. Over the next decade, Danielle travelled repeatedly to the deep South, a region of the country well known for chefs, spices and rich cuisine. Her father, born and raised in Grady, Arkansas, also was instrumental by introducing Danielle to “soul food” cooking. All of these southern influences, along with the Asian influences Danielle absorbed early on, have resulted in an intriguing mixture of creativity and thought which she draws upon to develop new unique recipes.

Danielle’s Sauces believes  in the philosophy of  “clean” cooking. We do NOT use preservatives, additives, or brighteners. Absolutely NO MSG is ever used in our recipes, and all sauces are fat free, all natural and low sodium. In fact, according to an independent survey conducted at our request in December, 2005, which compared the sodium levels in the top 50 brands of teriyaki sauces sold in the U.S.A., our FINE TERIYAKI SAUCE and CHILIYAKI SAUCE finished 1 and 2 for lowest sodium. We have literally destroyed the myth that salt and fat are essential ingredients for a food product to taste good.  Our sauces are absolutely delicious and versatile. They are terrific in stir-fry or as a glaze, fantastic with all meats and seafood, unbeatable on hamburgers, omelets, wraps, vegetables and in soups and salads. They are also the perfect bento sauces. All manufacturing is done in a spotless, class A facility, where health department requirements are not just met, but exceeded.



At Danielle’s we take great pride in providing our customers products that are pure, natural, healthy and delicious. We work very hard to develop sauces that are unrivaled in quality and flavor.

Our demographic for Danielle’s Sauces includes children, teens, young adults, middle ages and the elderly, all income levels, all ethnic backgrounds, men and women. After all, who doesn’t want to use products that make food taste even better, while at the same time maintaining the helathy goodness of your meal?

The Danielle’s line is truly for everyone and we will continue to develop products that appeal across the board. Most of our line growth has been the direct result to customer demands. We welcom the comments and suggestions. We follow a prototypical “bottom-up” management style, inviting input from our employees as well.

Many companies claim to reflect their customers in their philosophy and mission statements, however, that would only be true if their customers names were Jackson, Grant and Franklin. The Danielle’s team will never place increased revenues ahead of our pursuit of excellence. We will never cut qualityto increase the bottom line. It is more costly for us to do things the right way and, as a result, our products cannot be priced in line with cheaper, imported versions. Our products have always been made here in the U.S.A. And that will change, regardless of the potential cost of savings to us.

This is another reason we appreciate our customers. You are willing to spend a little more to get the best! Providing naturally fabulous flavors without compromise…