Our Sauces

Teriyaki Sauce

Teriyaki Sauce

Danielle’s Teriyaki Sauce has exceptionally low sodium content, while still delivering a smooth, pure flavor, without the “bite” usually found in teriyaki sauce. Only the highest quality ingredients are used in creating this versatile and heart-healthy version of a Polynesian classic. Some suggested uses: Serve with chicken and rice; stir-fry vegetables in wok; pour on teriyaki burgers.



ChiliyakiChiliyaki Sauce

Danielle’s Chiliyaki Sauce is a spiced-up version of our Teriyaki Sauce. The same smooth, pure flavor, and even lower sodium levels, plus the addition of the perfect amount of heat derived from natural red chilies. Our Chiliyaki Sauce is a favorite among chefs. Some suggested uses: Glaze for grilled salmon; brush over pork tenderloin; wet marinade for meats and fish.




Sweet Chili Sweet Chili Sauce

Danielle’s Sweet Chili Sauce was the first sweet chili made in the USA. To this day, most are produced in Thailand, and private labeled here, but not Danielle’s Sweet Chili Sauce! Our first batch rolled off the production line in 1991, and has been made in Oregon with all natural, farm fresh ingredients ever since. Some suggested uses: Dipping sauce for egg rolls and coconut shrimp; glaze for halibut filets; pour over rice and vegetables; marinade for chicken.



Sweet HabaneroSweet Habanero Sauce

Danielle’s Sweet Habanero Sauce is the ultimate food version of a “wolf in sheep’s clothing.” Made with the same base as our Sweet Chili Sauce, the initial flavor is a smooth, sweet, delicious treat for your taste buds, and then, BOOM, the fresh kick of natural habanero rushes in and socks you in the mouth! Chile-heads absolutely love this sauce (and we do, too). Some suggested uses: Too many to list! From pouring on scrambled eggs and omelets, to spicing up tacos, enchiladas and burritos, to glazing fish, to enhancing soups, to dipping fried shrimp.


Smoke & Spice BBQ

Smoke & Spice BBQ

Danielle’s Smoke & Spice BBQ accomplished something never done before, or since: It won three consecutive Golden Chile Awards in the barbeque category at ZestFest, in Fort Worth, Texas. In an article published in Chile Pepper Magazine, the author described Danielle’s Smoke & Spice BBQ as “the perfect blend of flavorful ingredients, with just enough camp fire.” If you like a robust, zesty BBQ with a cayenne finish, this is the sauce for you! Some suggested uses: Mop over ribs; use as a steak sauce; brush over grilled salmon.


Sweet BBQ

Sweet BBQ Sauce

Danielle’s Sweet BBQ Sauce is a perfect blend of rich flavor notes and tantalizing sweetness. Whether you are a rib cook-off champ or a home griller, you will love this sauce! Our Sweet BBQ is a Golden Chile Award winner at ZestFest. Some suggested uses: Mop over ribs; brush on grilled chicken; slather on brisket and pulled pork.